The Right to Know What the Other Guy had for Breakfast Last Thursday, and Punish him for Sharing.

In case you've missed the news...

An organization called "US Right to Know" has been abusing the process of freedom of information requests to harass public scientists, and among the first to comply was a teacher from University of Florida.

Among the 5000+ pages of email correspondence there was enough to show that Monsanto did make a donation last year to a public outreach program where he gives talks and workshops about not just doing science, but communicating about it with the public. This was enough for them to drag his name through the mud.

Here's his explanation, in his own words:



I don't know about you, but I would love to see a documentary about Bill Nye's personal mission to change the world via enthusiastic science education. Please, help make this thing a reality!

Personally, I'm also looking forward to seeing Bill Nye's notes on the Hamm on Nye debate, since it seems to me a slightly more intimate look into the mind of the man... and there's a certain childish glee involved in those Emojis, isn't there?


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